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Whilst our ancestors had to travel great lengths in considerable uncertainty just to take part in celebrations, things have certainly evolved.

These days, at the distance of a screen, there is no excuse in ensuring we can find exactly what we want when we want it.

With a multitude of Music Festivals taking place often much closer than you may expect, what if there was a simply great way to know exactly what’s going on at any given moment?

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What To Do At Coachella

When talking about Coachella, most tourists refer to a two-weekend art and music festival which takes place in Indio, California. This fantastic musical event will satisfy your thirst and hunger for music in a heartbeat. Coachella hosts a plethora of music genres- from pop, rock, indie, and EDM that is paired with extravagant art exhibits and brand promotions. 

Tourists, hailing from the farthest of places will not regret coming. The music and arts run over three-day weekends and feature musical performances from big-name artists up to up and coming local bands.

Throughout the years Coachella is becoming more popular due to social media platforms. If you want to inspect how well it did last year you can simply check on Facebook or Instagram, just to see how many people posted about it. 

Also, based on our experience if you really want to go then you should prepare to buy your tickets quickly so that you won’t miss out on all the fun.

So, What Is There To Do?

See Tons Of Popular Musicians.

What To Do At Coachella

If you want to see the performance of famous musicians all in one place, then you should go to Coachella. Coachella is like a watch all you can treat for entertainment lovers.

For example last year Coachella managed to hire big-name artists such as Arianna Grande, N’Sync, Khalid, Zedd, and many others. The best thing about Coachella’s big anticipated musical performances is that you will get to see collaborations between famous musicians of the past and present.

Great Event For Marketers.

Common folks only see Coachella as a place for entertainment. For businessmen though? Coachella is a healthy ground to promote their brand. The vast audience that Coachella gathers makes it easier for businesses both small and large to generate leads. Coachella helps businesses to increase visibility and interest in their products. Coachella is not only the place for entertainment but is also a healthy ground for commerce.

Get Inspiration For An Art Piece.

What To Do At Coachella

Art lovers and art practitioners, both who love the inspiration that they get from art, should go to Coachella. Apart from music and commerce, Coachella hosts events that promote the importance of creativity to the audience. 

Every year Coachella features gigantic art installations that are created from the ingenuity of their creators. All the art installations in Coachella are made to be unique and interactive, some art exhibits first appear in the music and arts festival. Last year, Coachella featured the works of Sofia Enriquez, Peggy Noland, Francis Kere, etc. Coachella makes it possible for people to get inspired and create new pieces of art.

Satisfy Your Palette.

Coachella is a great place for food lovers. When we say food lovers we mean people who are really sensitive about what they are eating. Coachella is the place where all the best foods from different cultures gather. Within, get to choose from a wide variety of treats such as tacos, barbecues, and etc. Food within Coachella is the best because the organizers meticulously picked the diners and restaurants that apply for a spot. Also, they require them to follow particular community guidelines such as creating unique menus and services not seen anywhere else.

Meet People And Have Some Fun.

Coachella is not just a gathering of musicians and artists but is also a gathering of outgoing and nice people all around the globe. With Coachella, you will get to expand your social circle. Meet new friends, talk with them, then attend the musical performances or take a look at the art installations with them. Coachella is a great place if you want to hook up with new friends.

Learn Some New Moves.

What To Do At Coachella
Get your groove on!

Now that you have seen some sights and made some new friends, there is nothing left to do but dance! I’m sure at least one of your new found friends has some skills to teach, whether it’s festival shuffling to some swingfunk or going to one of the workshops, there is always something new you can learn.  

Chill Out In Rest Areas.

The businesses found in Coachella create cool rest areas for their guests. Big companies make really cool tents that provide refuge against the baking sunlight beating the festival grounds during the day time. These tents often have their own unique designs and themes. Take time to make a note on some of the most wonderful tents which you prefer and rest under their shade. Grab a drink or two, sit or talk with other people in the tents and recover lost energy for you to enjoy the festivities for the rest of the weekend.

Take Some Photos.

What To Do At Coachella
Hold on!…… Let me take a selfie!

Coachella has great spots for you to take photos, the restaurant and diners serve food which is presented amazingly well if you’re a foodie. 

The art installations are the first of their kind. Look around and take a shot of anything that catches your eye. If you get lucky you might get to take a shot of celebrities walking around the festival grounds. Going to Coachella is not complete without you taking the most memorable moments that the festival has to offer.

Start Your Own Gig!

What To Do At Coachella

Coachella’s organizers allow audiences to make a camp on a designated campsite. The campsite allows people to bond together. If you have a musical instrument with you or manage to get your hands on one then you can start your own gig. Just be sure that you are around with people who are up to the challenge. Sing and dance with people throughout the night, and reminisce about the entertainment which you have experienced first-hand.

Propose To Someone You Love.

Are you in Coachella with your better half? If this is so you can take your relationship to the next level at Coachella. Coachella has locations that offer a great ambiance for marriage or proposal. Present that ring to your partner while artists are performing a specific love song. Watch how people get amazed and your partner becomes teary-eyed then wait for that sweet yes that you have been longing for.

Buy Souvenirs.

There are stores and vendors in Coachella that sell wonderful souvenirs. From keychains, bobbleheads, musical instruments and more. 

The souvenirs that are displayed all have intricate and unique designs. Buying souvenirs will surely be a fun experience because there are many varieties for you to choose from.

Watch The Fireworks With Friends.

Coachella is not complete without a firework display. Get your friends and find the best spot on the festival grounds where you can watch the sky light up without interruption. The fireworks are crafted by some of the best . 

Let your eyes feast on the colors in the sky and appreciate how fireworks symbolize the fun that Coachella has to offer.

Participate In The Games And Activities.

During the daytime, games are organized at the festival grounds. The games range from three-legged race, dodge and many others. These fun activities often reward participants with souvenirs or food. Forget about the heat by playing with people at Coachella, get to know them, and hang out with them during the night’s festivities.


If you love places with lots of people, noise, merchandise, and activities-Coachella is the place for you to go. Start your year with fun and adventure at Coachella and lets the event’s vibe make path for your fruitful as you journey into the year.

What is your favourite thing to do at Coachella?