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Punk rock trio TRASHED have released a video for their new single ‘Disgusting’. The track follows the band’s previous singles ‘Isn’t That Cute’ and ‘Charlie Sheen’, all taken from their forthcoming EP Faceplant which is due for release on 24th April 2020.

“Disgusting is about a party romance from the point of view of someone who couldn’t find their confidence, and so just watches with envy,” the band explain

For fans of Sum 41, early-era Green Day and Blink-182TRASHED are Bristol’s answer to 90s/00s style punk rock, delivering a unique sound of neck-breaking riffs and throat-shredding melodies that are soaked in a sense of nostalgia.

All it took was Green Day‘s secret set at Reading 2012 for Jimmy, Ben and Sam to become best friends and start making music together. In 2018 Jimmy and Ben decided to drop out of University and drag Sam away from his 9-5 to start TRASHED.

The trio released their first single, ‘Waste Away’, from their debut EP Yours Not Mine in early 2019. Their first year as a band was spent playing shows across the UK, cramming back into the recording studio and building a strong team around them. 

TRASHED worked with producer Neil Kennedy (Milk TeethCreeperBoston Manor) to cultivate the sound for their stripped-back, catchy, 90s inspired punk rock songs that explore topics including vegetarianism, dealing with anxiety and trying at all costs to avoid a 9-5 job.