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Melbourne’s chaotic metalcore four-piece Starve have stormed onto the scene with their first offering of 2020, “Shiver“.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scottie Simpson (Alpha WolfPolarisGravemind), “Shiver” demonstrates pure brutality and solidifies Starve as a band to watch in the new year. “Shiver” is about feeling disconnected from yourself, falling into toxic patterns and being unable to remove yourself from those unhealthy situations. Vocalist Jordan Dunbar explains the theme and the fallout in saying that “Even when your instincts are telling you no, you’re still too afraid to do anything, and ultimately end up blaming yourself for your own depression.

The video is shot, directed and edited by Martin Wood Imagery assisted by Jayden Pitts. The clip shows the band playing through their new track with passionate aggression and an unstable video style that compliments the tension of the track. “Shiver” contains an underlying deep driving force that leads the way through this chaotic maze of angry riffs, scathing vocals and static sounds that marks the start of a new era for Starve.

The band began their year strong, opening for Stray From The Path on their sold-out Unify Gathering sideshow alongside hardcore legends Kublai Khan TX and Brisbane favourites Deadlights.

Releasing their debut EP ‘Mantis’ in early 2019, Starve have given themselves a year to create the next instalment with the aim to deliver more chaos in 2020. Dunbar says “our music comes from experiences and feelings that we take and turn into the manic, angry and intense sound that we pride ourselves on. With influences all across the board, our band aims to deliver something different and something people can relate to.

“Shiver” is out now on all online stores and streaming platforms.