Music has touched millions of lives over time.

It holds the power of completely changing moods, reflect our deepest feelings towards an idea, and move us all in a single direction.

Whilst our ancestors had to travel great lengths in considerable uncertainty just to take part in celebrations, things have certainly evolved.

These days, at the distance of a screen, there is no excuse in ensuring we can find exactly what we want when we want it.

With a multitude of Music Festivals taking place often much closer than you may expect, what if there was a simply great way to know exactly what’s going on at any given moment?

Festivals This Weekend provides the perfect answer to that exact question!

By gathering all the great music events in one easy-to-browse map, all you need to do is join us and see what’s going on closest to you.

We will see you front left on the dancefloor!!


We all know that camping at music festivals is a fun and exhilarating experience, getting to see some old faces you haven’t seen in a while, as well as meeting a great amount of new friendly faces.

However, you need to have the basic know-how of camping at a festival, having the right gear will save you a lot of hassle once you’re a few days into the festival. We have discussed in other articles the best camping equipment to bring to a festival, so here we are going to talk about all of the rest of the things you will need but might forget.

I’m sure we have all played the game I like to call “Festival Tetris”.

Festival Tetris is where you spend way too long trying to make all of your equipment fit into a tiny little spot in your car, just so that you can still see out of the windscreen enough to get yourself and your friends to the festival. There is always that one guy who has to have a suitcase sitting on his lap for the 3hr long drive. This is why we need to look at the Basic Essentials first and foremost.

The costumes, flow toys and funny blow-up outfit can come along in a later post.


You get extra points for Festival Tetris if your friends sing the Tetris theme song while you fit it all in.   

So without further ado, here is our top Essentials List:

Money or an ATM card: 

This is quite an obvious one but you would honestly be surprised at how many people never bring enough cash to a festival. Whether its for one day or a full week, there is always that one guy who buys way too much to drink on the first night and then has to live off your back up supply of two minute noodles and canned goods. 

Identification card and your ticket: 

Again, another obvious one, yet again, you would be surprised how many people don’t bring an ID card or only have a photo of what they think is the right side of their ticket on their phone. After having worked at music festivals for many years now, I still get quite a laugh while I’m working on the front gate for the opening day and I have to make 3 radio calls back to the office, to make sure their name is in an online database somewhere. Then get stuck on the phone to their mother to prove that they are old enough to get in….Yes, this has happened more than once.


Guys and Gals, you may be coming to a festival for a good party but you cannot survive off of cheap cask wine and sugar filled juice from the shelf for 3 days straight. You are 70% water, please remember that! Water is essential, bring at least a gallon a day for yourself and some more for friends.

Food and snacks:

There is a little bit of a difference between food and snacks. Food can be something a bit more substantial like a full meal. While snacks are something quick and easy that you can nibble on between sets or when wandering back to bed at 3 in the morning.

“Pro-Tip”! Always bring extra food, that guy we mentioned before will probably be camping with you.

Baby wipes:

This one is a MUST! I have met way too many people on the last day that have this incredible aura around them……..unfortunately for them, that aura smells like an animal…… that died a week ago…….. mixed with a pool of sweat from a thousand people on a dancefloor……. that you have been on for 24hrs straight in the blazing heat of midday sun. 

I can’t stress this enough, it only takes you a quick few minutes to give yourself a quick wipe down. Just watch how quickly the new tan you thought you were getting just turns out to be a caked on layer of dust and grime from the weekend.

You might lose your great new tan by cleaning yourself but you might also end up with a lot more friends when you don’t smell like Luke Skywalker waking up inside of a dead goat-chicken thing. 

(Quick note to the Star Wars fans, I know it’s called a Tauntaun, you don’t need to message about it :p) 

Medication and painkillers:

This is one I have seen go under the radar in a lot of packing lists. It hopefully isn’t you that forgets your inhaler, your antifungal foot cream or something of the sort. You might need some foot cream after you have been wearing the same socks for the whole weekend.

Also painkillers are a must, I have seen my friends in the Music Industry go down with a rolled ankle before, the kind of guys that helped create music festivals as we know them today because “I was out here partying before you were even born”. I’m sure there are a few of us that have met those kinds of people.

You would think after that many years experience they would know how to walk straight. :p


This is the hidden gem on modern society, it has been helping teenage boys the world over think that a quick spray of deodorant is the quickest way to a woman’s heart. While this may not be the quickest way to a woman’s heart. It might be one of the best ways of not having your friends turn their tails and run away as you walk closer. 

A little bit goes a long way, you don’t need to smell like you have just walked out of a perfume shop, yet you also don’t want anyone still smelling that dead Tauntaun from earlier.


Another unnoticed gem of the world, whether its save your friends and great new strangers from your morning breath or to take of that 2 day old teeth fuzz from forgetting to brush your teeth earlier. Nothing says “Personal Hygiene Super Powers” like having a fresh set of pearly whites to start the day.

Insect repellents:

I think insect repellent at a music festival is a bit like how I imagine cigarettes work in a prison. Everybody wants them and they are a bit hard to come buy, so it turns into some kind of currency. There isn’t anything funnier than walking around a festival and seeing people punch out some killer moves while dancing away from a stage………Only to realise that they aren’t dancing along to their ownimaginary music. They are trying to keep a swarm of tiny little Draculas at bay by pop ‘n’ locking ‘n’ slapping their way to freedom from an unconsenting blood donation. If Nosferatu’s little minions don’t seem to bother you while you are out and about partying. Just wait until you’re falling off to sleep and the tiniest little mosquito that got stuck in your tent starts to sound like a miniature Apache helicopter as it flies past your head. Taunting you just that little bit more every time you try and doze off.

While there are many more things that could be added to this list, I thought this would be a great list for you all to have handy for your next festival adventure. Keep tuned for many more articles to come.

What would you add to this list?