Music has touched millions of lives over time.

It holds the power of completely changing moods, reflect our deepest feelings towards an idea, and move us all in a single direction.

Whilst our ancestors had to travel great lengths in considerable uncertainty just to take part in celebrations, things have certainly evolved.

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We will see you front left on the dancefloor!!

There is no doubt that Coachella parties are a pretty cool place to hang out. But you are probably wondering what exactly happens at a Coachella party and how can you get into one of these private events? 

The best Coachella parties are invite-only and are attended by celebs, rich people and those who are generally well known in the music industry. If you don’t tick any of those three boxes, you can still get into a Coachella party, it just takes a little bit more planning. Whether you are hoping to run into Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Instagram personalities and more.

So, How Can You Actually Get Into A Coachella party?

Find out where the parties are of course.

The best way to find out where the best parties are being held during Coachella is through social media, especially Instagram. Do your research, trawl through some influencers posts to find some great party locations and soon enough the best ones should fall into your lap.

Just turn up.

It might seem like a bold move but if you time it right (a while after it’s actually started), you might be able to talk your way inside or there will be nobody at the door at all. No way can security guards know who every single person is when attending one of these parties. If you know somebody has been invited and didn’t turn up, you could use their name.

Be confident and act like you belong.

If you are nervous showing up at one of these parties, security will be able to tell and will kick you out before you’ve even set foot inside. Make sure you are dressed well, practice good posture and just act like you belong where you are going. If you look important, people are much more likely to see you that way.

Make a wristband.

Some of the parties require wristbands to get in and in this instance, you could always attempt to make your own. Just find out what color is being worn, walk in with a crowd and hope for the best.

Host your own.

If all of these methods fail, another option is to host your own Coachella themed party. You’ve gotta have some decent money for this one, a nice house with a pool is a plus. As the host, you need to provide the food, drinks, and entertainment. Make sure to advertise your party on social media, reach out to celebrities/influencers and the rest can flow from there. If all goes well and you fall in with the right crowd, you never have to worry about gatecrashing a party again!


Coachella parties are full of great times to be had, some of these parties have been known to kick-on for longer than the festival itself. Finding the right one for you and your friends might be hard to begin with but don’t give up, persistence is always the key. Now get out there and have a great time. We will see you back here soon!

What are your plans for your next party?