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It holds the power of completely changing moods, reflect our deepest feelings towards an idea, and move us all in a single direction.

Whilst our ancestors had to travel great lengths in considerable uncertainty just to take part in celebrations, things have certainly evolved.

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Festival Braids

Feeling ready to sway your way into bliss at your next festival? When we think about festivals, we think we’re about to have the best time of our lives. So what better way to enjoy your festival tangles and knot free than tying our hair up into easy braids? We are always searching for a new way to get our hair out of our faces, but still look great. With this festive hairstyle, we don’t need to be concerned with what our hair is going to be doing the entire time we’re having a riot. If you are looking for an easy festival braided hairstyle to dance the night away, look no further.

The steps for this festive hairstyles are as easy as pie. All we need to have is two elastics, a comb and a clip. (And a little added patience for the first time we attempt this look!) We will start you off with two simple braids, and once you’re feeling a little more comfortable with the movement of braiding your own hair (or someone else’s) than you can add as many (or as few) as you’d like. 

Step 1:

Brush through all of your hair and divide down the middle of your head. Twist one side of your hair up, until it forms a clean little ‘bun’. Once in this twisted bun, you can secure with a clip, ensuring all of your hair is tightly secured. (No man left behind! This will help the cleanness of braiding the opposite side of your hair first.)

Step 2:

Make sure your hair is combed out, without any tangles. (This will bring ease while braiding!) Separate about 1/2 inch of hair from the side that is down, on the front of your hairline. Send two fingers through the section of your hair, dividing the hair into three strands. (Left, middle and right side.) Start by sending one strand (Let’s say the LEFT to start you off right!) under the middle section, taking the middle section into where the LEFT strand originally was. Now send the other ‘end’ (RIGHT side) section to the middle spot. Thus, starting the braid. Continue to weave through the hair a couple of times. Now start adding in new hair from your scalp with each ‘weave’. 

Step 3:

As you start picking up the little extra piece of your hair as you send the last section under, comb your fingers through the new hair, ensuring it is laying flat to your head. Follow your skull all the way to the bottom of your hairline, until you don’t have any more hair to add.

Step 4:

Once all the hair as been added to the braid, simply continue to send the sections under to become the new ‘middle’ section, finishing the braid. Secure with an elastic.

Step 5:

Repeat steps 2 – 4 on the side that was originally clipped up.

Step 6:

Enjoy that festival with everything you’ve got, loving the fact your hair is in perfect festival braids.

What ideas do you want to see for your next great festival hair-do?