Music has touched millions of lives over time.

It holds the power of completely changing moods, reflect our deepest feelings towards an idea, and move us all in a single direction.

Whilst our ancestors had to travel great lengths in considerable uncertainty just to take part in celebrations, things have certainly evolved.

These days, at the distance of a screen, there is no excuse in ensuring we can find exactly what we want when we want it.

With a multitude of Music Festivals taking place often much closer than you may expect, what if there was a simply great way to know exactly what’s going on at any given moment?

Festivals This Weekend provides the perfect answer to that exact question!

By gathering all the great music events in one easy-to-browse map, all you need to do is join us and see what’s going on closest to you.

We will see you front left on the dancefloor!!

Our Story

What you see here today was originally inspired by a poster, found on a friends wall some years ago. This simple poster was just an outline drawing of a world map with 20 or so music festivals put in some locations around it. 

Ever since then, the idea has grown to become Festivals This Weekend.

We are a rag tag team of Music Festival Lovers, Partyers, Ravers, Web Designers, Artists, Musicians, Event Organisers and more. 

Having been in the Music Festival and Events scene for many years, it was time to give back to the community some of the things we have learned and to have an outlet to express our thoughts on some matters that we have experienced within this beautiful sub-culture that we call our Tribe. 

We hope you enjoy our website as much as we have enjoyed creating it and continuing to improve it over many years to come.

We look forward to finding you on the Dfloor at the front left somewhere.


Festivals This Weekend